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Hershey Kisses with Xbox controller themed stickers

I hosted an Xbox theme birthday party for my son’s 11th birthday.  The party was held at a local sporting venue, but I incorporated Xbox themed cupcakes, party favors and decorations.  The color scheme was black and light green.

I was kind of pressed for time so created cute invitations myself on my home computer.  However, if you would like to purchase your invites, there are many video game invitations on the market to choose from.  These invitations can be fully customized.

For the party favors, I included Hershey Kiss candies with Xbox controller stickers as well as other candies.  I also put a high bounce ball in the bag to go with the sports theme.  The candy and ball were placed in a clear favor bag and tied with black and green curling ribbon. Other party favor ideas include:  erasers and chocolate controllers and game disks.   Another unique party favor idea would be to hand out delicious chocolate game controllers such as the one pictured below.

The decorations featured jumbo 36″ video game controller balloons (see link below).   I purchased the balloons online and had them blown up at my local party store for a few dollars.  These large balloons looked wonderful on the party table.

I used black liners for the cupcakes and they were embellished with cupcake toppers. These plastic toppers featured the Xbox 360 logo and my son’s age.  They are also available in other styles including Xbox One.  The cupcakes were also topped with green Sixlets candies.  Sixlets are delicious tasting chocolate treats.  The green color coordinated beautifully with the toppers.

xbox party supplies

Xbox Cake and Cupcake Supplies

video game party

Jumbo Xbox 360 Controller Balloon

xbox party supplies

Xbox Controller Chocolate Party Favors

Personalized Party Banners

Custom Gamer Birthday Shirts


Game On Party Supplies

xbox party supplies

Xbox Party Pinata

Xbox party supplies

Custom Party Favor Sticker

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  1. Susy

    Would love to order the big controller balloon.

  2. admin

    Hi Susy, simply follow the link within this post to purchase this amazing balloon. 🙂

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