Christine was kind enough to share the party she hosted for her daughter Naomi’s 1st birthday.   The party was a cute Under the Sea theme.   Everything looked amazing including the Nemo fondant cake, cupcakes and other sweet treats.   Christine had a tight budget for the party and she managed to create a fabulous celebration without breaking the bank.   The photo above is of the dessert table which included the cake, cupcakes, candies and cookies.


The Little Nemo fondant cake and cupcakes were purchased at local bakeries.  Christine was fortunate to find bakeries that offered beautiful cakes and cupcakes at reasonable prices.   The Little Nemo cake is simply adorable and the cupcakes featured hot pink wrappers and turquoise blue {water} frosting .  Christine received the plain cupcakes from the bakery and she embellished them with mini silver balls and sea creature toppers.   She made the toppers by placing stickers on bamboo sticks and inserting them into the frosted cupcakes.


Christine and her husband created the eye-catching sweets table which included cookies (pictured), lollipops, rainbow marshmallow sticks and assorted candies.   The cookies and assorted candies were individually wrapped and accented with a ‘Naomi’s 1st Birthday’ tag.   Whale printed wrapping paper was used to cover the chocolate bars and to decorate the plant pot which held the marshmallow lollipops.   They placed styrofoam in the plant pot and then inserted the lollipops.  I love this idea!


Here is a closeup photo of the wrapped chocolate bars.


For the birthday party food, Christine served Chinese food and buckets of KFC chicken.   Everything looked delicious!

first birthday party family picture
The proud parents.
Happy 1st Birthday, Naomi!

Please visit The Wandering Journal to view more party photos and details.


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