Have a Ben 10 Birthday Party

ben 10 party supplies

Hard To Find Ben 10 Party Supplies

The new season of Ben 10 is only 6 days away!  On April 18th, Ben Tennyson will be returning with lots more alien transformation adventures.   If your child is a fan of the show, why not throw them a Ben 10 theme party for their next birthday?  Just think of all of the space alien fun that they would have.

There is a large selection of personalized invitations on the market that would be the perfect start to your party planning.    There are trendy VIP Pass invites, ticket style invitations, photo invitations and more.  All of the birthday invitations can be personalized with your child’s birthday party details.

Next, you can purchase the fun party pack.  The party pack features Ben in action as well as Heat Blast, Four Arms, XLR8 and Upgrade.  Party favor kits come complete with a Sticker Sheet, Disc Launcher, Wrist Band, and a 20″ Green Glow Necklace all in a Ben 10 loot bag.   The party pack also includes lime green, yellow and black balloons and streamers to finish off the party theme.


There are many fun custom party favors available including custom favor boxes, personalized candy wrappers, stickers, toy figures and more.   Since Ben is an Alien, you could also include Alien lollipops, ice cream and other candy as well as Fun Growing Aliens, Alien Bounce Balls, and Stretchy Aliens.  How about a party favor to represent Grandpa Max’s RV Laboratory?  This could include slime kits and barrels of green slime!  The kids will love it!

Pinatas are always a great party activity and there are many custom made  pinatas out there to chose from including  Ben 10 and Heatblast.   You can even fill these pinatas with small alien toys in addition to a variety of candies.  Lab-in-Bag carries fun slime kits that would also make a wonderful party activity!  Party crafts ideas could include an Alien Mask, Foam Alien Robots and Outerspace Sponge Painting.

There  is a nice selection of cake and cupcake supplies on the market for your celebration.  You can finish the cake off with coordinating green, yellow and black sprinkles and icing.  There are also personalized edible cake images you could purchase for an awesome theme birthday cake.

“Horton Hears A Who” Hullabaloo!

horton hears a who party supplies

Hard to find Horton Hears a Who Party Supplies

Dr. Seuss’s “Horton Hears A Who”, featuring the voice of Jim Carey, opened in theaters on March 17th.   The movie grossed $45.1 million earnings in its first week making it the fourth highest grossing movie of all-time for the month of March behind “Ice Age”.

Kids love this movie so many of them may be requesting a Horton party theme for their next birthday.  If you are planning on hosting a birthday party with Horton as the guest of honor,  you will find some fun ideas here.

Start your Horton party planning off with a custom, personalized birthday invitation.  There a few different designs to chose from.

Horton Hears A Who Basic Party Pack comes with invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, solid-color tablecover,  balloons, crepe paper rolls and star confetti.  There are many other items you can add-on to your basic pack including a personalized birthday banner, magnifying glass pinata, and premade party favor kits.   There are also custom pinatas available that would be perfect for your Horton birthday party.

Looking for birthday cake ideas for your favorite pachyderm?   I have two fun Elephant cakes listed on my Kid’s Birthday Cakes  page.   These cake designs include complete recipe instructions, too.  Yummy!
For a fun party craft, DLTK has an easy and fun Elephant toilet paper roll craft with full instructions.

The plot for the film is that Horton is trying to protect the Whos in Whoville  so he trecks across the jungle to get them to the top of Mt. Nool, the safest place in the jungle.   For your birthday party, you could create a jungle atmosphere with large animal cutouts and green streamers.  The kids could play in the “jungle”.

There are many party favors available including custom mini pinata favors, candy wrappers, stickers, and CD favor labels.  You also have the option of purchasing a a Horton Hears A Who Favor Box.   It comes complete with a 6 elephant bean bag, candy necklace, glitter bounce ball, Horton Hears a Who sticker sheet and blowout all in a fun blue gable box with white stars.

Party Games

  • For a great outside activity, you could play a game where the kids try to get the Whos across the jungle to Mt. Nool.  Print out images of the Whos and matte them on cardstock paper.  Give one Who to each child.  Set up the jungle scene as described above.  You can just stick the large animal cutouts into the ground and wrap the green streamers around them.  Set up Mt. Nool on one side of the jungle by sticking a large poster board into the ground with ‘Mt. Nool’ written on it.  One of the kids is it and all the others go to one side of the jungle.  By playing ‘Mother May I’ or ‘Red Light, Green Light’, the kids can try to make there way across the jungle.  The first one to get their Who to Mt. Nool wins!  The kids can take turns being it.  If you have a large open room inside,  a similar game could be adjusted to be played indoors as well.
  • Play Hot Potato with a stuffed Elephant.
  • Pin the tail on the Elephant. Draw a large elephant on a poster board and have the kids try to pin a tail on it.
  • Take off on the Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Draw a picture on a poster board of a large mountain with a sign on top saying ‘Mt. Nool’. Give each child a print out of a Who and they can try to pin the Who onto Mt. Nool.

Finish your Horton party planning off with one of these adorable birthday shirts for the guest of honor.

Hope this helps with your party planning. Have fun hosting your “Horton Hears A Who”Hullabaloo!

Welcome to my Kids Birthday Party Blog!

kids birthday partiesI am so excited to be starting this blog on my favorite hobby:  kid’s birthday parties!  I love them!

All of my kid’s parties center around a party theme they chose.  There are literally hundreds of different birthday party themes you can have, so sometimes this is a very big decision for them.

Once the theme is decided on, it is off to the races!  We center everything ~ invitations, party favors, cake, games, crafts, partyware ~ all around this theme.  It really makes the party much easier to plan.   My kids love to help plan their parties and I let them do as much as they are able to.  There two favorite things are putting the favor bags together and decorating the party room the day of the party.

This blog will cover everything you could possibly think about related to kid’s birthday parties including the party basics, popular (and no so popular) party themes, where to get supplies, the best cake designs ever, plus much, more.   I may even add some additional fun to the party chat by spotlighting celebrity kids birthday parties and maybe even famous television show birthday parties.  That will change things up once in awhile when I am in the mood for something slightly different.  So, you never know what you will find here!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for lots more birthday party fun!