Dora The Explorer Birthday Party


All of my kids loved the Dora the Explorer television show. I think it is the interactive aspect of the show that young children enjoy. My kids had fun pointiing out things during the show and answering the questions. If your child is also a big fan of this show, this party theme party would be perfect for their next birthday celebration.

This page has everything you will need to plan your celebration. Some of the party supplies you will find here include personalized party favors, birthday cake supplies, partyware, birthday party attire, games, crafts, activities and so much more. Many of the items listed below are so unique that they are sure to be a big hit at your party.  In addition to many officially licensed party items, this page also features many custom and handmade supplies such as favor baskets, birthday banners, decorations and pinatas.

Start your part planning off by purchasing a custom birthday invitation on Ebay.  There are so many adorable styles to choose from such as trendy ticket invites, photo invitations and more.

The Dora party supplies are available in two different themes.  The first is the party pack pictured here and the other design features the new Dora & Friends.  Both are a fun purple and pink and would be perfect for your daughter’s celebration.   The party supplies available include tableware, decorations, balloons, party favors and custom party items.


There is a large assortment of cake and cupcake supplies available. Some of the birthday cake and cupcake supplies include:

    • Molded Candles: 3.5″ wax candle that looks and is shaped just like Dora.
    • Cake Topper: These cupcake toppers come in a package of 6 toppers and would be perfect for your cake or cupcakes.
    • Wilton Cake Pans: Cake pans #2105-6300 and #2105-6305.
    • Plastic Cupcake Rings: These cupcake rings come in a package of 6 rings.
    • Edible Cake Images: There are two designs available .
    • Unique Cupcake Stand
    • Dora the Explorer Cake & Cupcake Supplies

Ebay sellers offer a large selection of custom party supplies including party bag labels, birthday shirts, banners, lollipops, candy stickers, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers and party favor tags.  You can embellish your party favor bags and decorations with officially licensed Dora ribbon.

Party Crafts:

  • Dora the Explorer Craft: Dora is a fun and simple color, cut and paste craft that uses a toilet paper roll as the body to give it a three dimensional effect.
  • Boots Craft: Create your own Boots toilet paper roll craft.
  • Swiper Craft: Swiper is made with a toilet paper tube, a printer, a piece of paper, some crayons, scissors and glue. I always prefer to use a heavy paper (like construction paper), but it isn’t necessary.
  • Paper Backpack Craft: The birthday party guests can make their own backpack

Surprise our party guests by planning a visit from Dora herself by purchasing a mascot costume.  The kids will love it!

Girls Tea Party Ideas and Supplies

tea3My niece had a Tea Party theme for her birthday last December. Since I love party planning, I assisted my sister in organizing the celebration. It was for my niece’s 6th birthday and she had eight little girls attend. As with all the birthday parties that I plan, we selected the party design first. My niece chose a fun purple and pink tea cup design partyware. We also purchased personalized birthday invitations in this same tea cup design. Once the party supplies and invitations were selected, we then began deciding on the other party items including the party craft, games, cupcakes and party favors.

Party Craft: For the Tea Party craft, I purchased foam door hangers. The girls decorated their door hangers with self-stick foam hearts and glittery heart shaped rhinestones. They finished off the craft with a wood shaped tea pot that I found at the local craft store. It was pink and purple and really coordinated well with the party theme.

Party Games: We decided on four tea party games. The first game the girls played was Tea Cup Toss. We collected lots of different cups from around the house. Some cups were from play tea sets and other cups were from the play kitchen. We organized all of the cups together on the floor and the girls tried to toss large rhinestones into the cups. It was lots of fun! The girls also played Tea Party Bingo, Tea Pot Pinata Game and Pin the Flower on the Tea Pot Game.


Party Favors: We purchased a pre-made party favor kit which included a flower cookie, pearl necklace, tea cup notepad, lip gloss, a pen and tea cup blower. (the kit also came with tea party stickers, but we handed those out as game prizes instead of including them in the party favor box. ) We then added in a Hershey bar wrapped in a personalized wrapper and a paper fan. On the outside, we placed a personalized favor sticker thanking everyone for coming.

Party Decorations: My sister took out her old china to really make the Tea Party table look elegant. The table was set with the partyware that came with the Tea Party box and extra balloons were added. Each place setting also received a lace paper doily.

Designed2bSweet carries a large assortment of Tea Party Supplies. Some of the items include long gloves, tea party hats, feather boas, jewelry, tea party purse favors, candy, rose petal tutus, lip gloss, feather fans, gift bags, lollipop bouquets, sun hats, sunglasses, tea party crafts, tea party parasols, and more.  They also sell party supplies in the following patterns that would be great for your tea party: Butterflies, Colorful Dots & Stripes and Lulu Style.


I just came across this Topsy Turvy Party theme today. It is a brand new design that has just been released. It is so cute! The colors are very vibrant and fun. You can order the Standard, Deluxe or Ultimate party kits.  Additional items can be added to your party pack including Party Favor Kits, a Personalized Birthday Banner, Tea Pot Candles, and more. When I saw this new partyware, I noticed that it actually matched my Tea Pot cupcakes better than the design I used since it features the same bright and funky color theme. So, now you have two Tea Party themes to choose from for your daughter’s Tea Party.


There is a large selection of Tea Party invitations which you can incorporate into your daughter’s birthday celebration. These invites can be completely customized with your daughter’s party details. Some of the designs include Afternoon Tea, Topsy Turvy, Alice in Wonderland, Sweet Tea, Princess Tea, Dress Up Tea Party, Tea Pots and Pastries, Mad Hatter and many more.


For the birthday cupcakes, I baked vanilla cupcakes and I decorated them in green, light blue, pink, yellow and orange tinted icing. The colors were vibrant. I topped each cupcake with pastel heart sprinkles and tea pot cupcake picks. After the cupcakes were decorated, I placed them in a Wilton cupcake stand. We placed the stand on the center of the party table.  Please visit my Tea Party Birthday Cake & Cupcakes page to order these fun cupcake picks plus see lots more fun tea party cake ideas including: edible cake toppers, how to make a 3D teapot cake, sugar decorations, candles, custom tea party cake toppers, cupcake wrappers, baking liners and more.



Emoji Party Supplies


Emoji Party Plate

I came across these adorable and unique Emoji party supplies today and now I want to have a party! Seriously, how cute!

You can start your party planning off by purchasing a personalized invitation .  The birthday invitations feature all of your favorite Emojis and they can be customized with your party details and information.  There is also a custom invitation that comes with the party pack I will be featuring below.  Either invitation would be perfect for your celebration.

The officially licensed Emoji party supplies include party plates, napkins, cups, table cover and balloon bouquets.  There is a nice assortment of party favors such as pencils, candy, stampers, tattoos, stickers and PEZ dispensers.   You can purchase personalized supplies as well including a birthday banner, stickers, lollipops, invitations, thank you cards, magnets, placemats, and much more.

A fun party activity would be a pinata.  There are many different pinatas to choose from including Love Emoticon, Love Emoticon and Laughing Emoticon.

For your Emoji cake and cupcakes, there are lot of wonderful ideas to choose from such as handmade cupcake toppers, edible cake & cupcake images, edible sugar decorations and a specialty cake pan.

Party favors include masks, eraser favors, plush pillow favors, bracelets, sunglasses, beach balls, key chains, poppers, headbands and high bounce balls.

emoji party

Custom Birthday Banner

"Emojis" Favor Box
“Emojis” Favor Box by iHave2Say


Emoji Paper Party Plates in many fun designs

Winnie the Pooh Cakes and Cupcakes

poohWinnie the Pooh birthday parties are as popular as ever.  If you are planning this theme party for your child, you will find many fun birthday cake and cupcake ideas here. Some of the birthday cake supplies listed on this page include cake toppers, cupcake decorating kits, rings & picks, personalized edible cake images, cake pans, Eeyore cake ideas, birthday candles, custom cake toppers, cake pops, cupcake holders, sugar decorations, baking liners, beehive cake pan and honey pot decorating ideas.

There are many Winnie the Pooh cake pans available that would be great for your birthday party including:

1971 #515-401: Winnie the Pooh cake pan
1995 #2105-3000 :  Pooh with honey pot
1998 #2105-3003: 1st Birthday cake pan
2001 #2105-1135: Single Dessert cake pan
2001 #2105-3002:  3D Stand Up cake pan
2001 #2105-3004: Pooh Face Pan
2006 #2015-3100: Pooh holding balloons

If Tigger is your child’s favorite character from the Hundred Acre Woods, then a Tigger cake would be perfect for your birthday party.  There is a 1995 Tigger cake pan #2105-3100 that you could use to bake and decorate your Tigger birthday cake.  Pictured below is the Eeyore cake I made for my daughter a few years ago.  If this cute, shy donkey is your child’s favorite, this would be another great option for your party.


Edible cake images are very simple to apply to any home baked or store bought cake. These cake images are available in many fun designs and many of them can be personalized with the birthday child’s name and birthday age. They come in many different cake sizes including round cake, 1/4 sheet cake, 1/2 sheet cake and cupcakes.

If you are baking cupcakes for your child’s birthday party, there is a nice selection of cupcake rings and picks on the market.  Some of the cupcake decorating supplies include molded cupcake rings, flower cupcake picks, Baby Pooh and Friends cupcake picks and more.

A fun birthday cake idea for your party would be to bake a beehive cake.  Nordic Ware sells a Beehive cake pan which would be perfect for your celebration.  You could decorate the Beehive cake with bumble bee sugar decorations or fondant bees. For your fondant bees, you could mold the bees out of fondant or use a bee cookie cutter to create one dimensional bees for your cake.  Once your beehive birthday cake is finished, you could add the figures listed above to pull the party theme together.