Disney Frozen Party Supplies


Frozen Fever Party Supplies

If you are hosting a Frozen Party for your child, this page is full of wonderful theme party ideas and supplies. In addition to the officially licensed tableware, I am also featuring many unique item such as acrylic ice rocks, paper lanterns, grosgrain ribbon, candy molds, cookie cutters and much more.

Start your celebration off by purchasing a gorgeous personalized invitation. These invites include beautiful Frozen scenes and characters and they can be customized with your birthday party details and information.

There are two party designs available, the original Frozen Party Pack as well as the new Frozen Fever party pack based on the 2015 animated short film.  The items included in these party packs are dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, decorations and table covers.  There is also a nice selection of personalized supplies such as party favors, banners and invitations.

For your cake and cupcakes, there are glitter snowflake cupcake decorations, cupcake rings, edible cake toppers and a complete cake topper set.

Ebay sellers offer a large assortment of personalized party supplies such as candy wrappers, birthday shirts, chocolate favors, and cupcake toppers. You can embellish your favors and decorations with officially licensed Frozen themed ribbon.

Finish your celebration with a surprise visit from Olaf the Snowman! The guests will love this! Olaf would also make a wonderful photo op to create special thank you cards for the children.

Please visit my Frozen Room Décor page for officially licensed bedding sets, lamps, personalized clocks, room signs, handmade rag quilts, wall decals, light switch plates and the hard to find Olaf chair.


Make Your Own Edible Cake Images


Eeyore cake I made for my daughter’s birthday

Edible cake images (or toppers) are a very popular cake decorating idea. There are a few reasons for this.   Firs, you can have a edible cake image is any theme, so there is no limit to what you can do.  And second they are simple to apply to a freshly baked cake.  Lastly, these cake images can be personalized with the guest of honor’s name, age or any text you would like. You can purchase these edible cake toppers online or at your local bakery. If you are ambitious, you can make you own edible cake images at home. The equipment needed to create your own images at home are somewhat pricey, so unless you plan on making quite a few of them, you may chose to just purchase the cake image instead.

If you do chose to purchase the supplies necessary to make you own cake images, you could make a hobby out of it by creating cakes for friends and relative’s as well as for your own family or even start your own cake image business.  Cake images are not difficult to create, the start-up costs are much lower compared to other businesses, it is a great work at home job and creating images is fun.


Another cake I made using an edible cake image

To get started making edible cake images, you will need a printer. If you have an extra printer at home, you can designate it solely for printing the cake images. Any inkjet printer made by HP, Canon or Epson can be used for printing with edible ink. Manufacturers of edible ink always tell which printers are compatible with their products.

Before you can use the printer for cake images, you will first need to thoroughly clean the printer head to remove all traces of the regular ink. To be on the safe side, you can also replace the printer head with one that is designed more suitably for working with edible ink. Since the cartridges cannot be switched out between regular ink and edible ink, you will need to only use this printer for the images. If you do not have an extra printer at home, you will need to purchase a new printer.

The edible photo printing basics are simple. You use your own home computer, printer and scanner to create customized images, photos and artwork and print them as you normally would. The only difference is that you will be using Edible Inkjet printer ink and you will be printing it on Edible printing paper. Edible paper comes in the form of frosting/icing sheets and are FDA, EEC and Kosher approved. Frosting sheets are so thin they absorb right in the cake frosting leaving a seamless edible picture.

*Rice paper or wafer paper can also be used for edible cake toppers. It is an edible starch based confection that can be airbrushed or easily cut into desired shapes. It is slightly flexible, but is not designed for printer use.


Fun Pink Skull cupcakes I made for my daughter using edible cupcake images

Once your image is printed, you can apply it to the cake. You will need to start with clean, dry hands before handling the cake image. Edible images do need a bit a moisture to blend with the icing, so if the icing is slightly dry, you may want to spray it with water or add a thin layer of icing. Be sure the image is exactly where you want it before you apply it to the cake. First you will need to remove the paper backing on the image. Then, apply it to the iced cake. Once the image is applied to the cake, use your fingertips to gently tap it down starting with the center of the image and working your way out to the edges.  Never rub the image! If after the image is applied there are bubbles, gently tap the image to smooth it out. Edible images can also be applied to cupcakes, cookies, ice cream cakes, whipped topping, fondant, sugar paste, and poured icing.

*Note: If you purchase the edible image as opposed to making it yourself, it will come in a sealed bag. Be sure to remove the image RIGHT before you plan on using it and immediately reseal the bag if there are other images in there.

Magic Birthday Party Supplies

magicIf you are hosting a Magic Party, this page features everything you will need for your birthday party. You will find personalized party invitations, custom party favors, cake & cupcake supplies, pinatas, tableware and Magic Tricks.

There are many personalized invitations available such as the adorable one pictured here.   You can include all of your child’s party details and information on these custom invites.

For your celebration, there are fun Magic Party Supplies. The tableware includes cups, napkins, balloons and decorations. You can also add on additional party supplies such as party favors, customized party supplies, invitations and thank you cards.  Other decorations include a personalized birthday banner, mylar balloons and removable wall decals.

For your cakes and cupcakes, there are many great decorating supplies to choose from.  The first are edible cake images. The cake toppers are available in two different sizes and coordinate with the party design featured on this page. Simply bake a cake using your favorite recipe or boxed cake mix, decorate with frosting and then top with the edible cake topper.  There is also a 5″ plastic pop top cake decoration. This cake topper would work perfectly with an 8″ round cake, but you could also apply to any size sheet cake.  Other cake and cupcake supplies include an adorable custom cupcake toppers pictured below and cute food picks.


A great activity for your party would be to do magic tricks!  There is a large selection of inexpensive and fun magic tricks you can purchase.  You could purchase a bunch of them and place them out on the table for the kids to play with.  They also sold magic trick kits which include a fun assortment of activities all in one box.


Spiderman Birthday Party Favors and Supplies

spidermanHaving a Spiderman birthday party? This lens will include a large assortment of party favors including unique pinata favors, chocolate lollipops, personalized favor boxes and candy wrappers, gourment cookie favors, cookie pops and premade favor kits. This page also includes a nice selection of birthday cake supplies, balloons, personalized invitations, party games, decorations, partyware and more.

Start your party planning off by purchasing a custom invitationson Ebay.  There are many fun invitation styles to choose from such as photo invites, trendy ticket invitations and others.

There is a fantastic Spiderman party pack (pictured here) that would be perfect for your celebration.   The party supplies include tableware, decorations, party supplies, custom party items, party favors and balloons.

There are many fun ways you could create an eye catching and delicious birthday for your child’s celebration. Even if you are not a decorating professional, you can still put together something amazing.  First of all there are a few Wilton specialty cake pans you can incorporate into you party. These cake pans come with complete baking and decorating instructions.  Other cake and cupcake supplies include edible cake images, cupcake toppers, cupcake rings and cake kits.  Spiderman cake and cupcake supplies.

A great party favor would be to make delicious chocolate lollipops.  You can purchase a spider candy mold for these treats. If you have never molded chocolate before, please visit my Easy Chocolate Molding page for complete instructions.  Other Spiderman candy available includes a bag of piñata filler mix, candy sticks, lollipops, Dig n’ Dips, PEZ dispensers, gummy candies and lollipop rings.