Puppy Dog Cake and Cupcake Supplies

dogPuppy dog parties are a very popular birthday theme.  This page features a large assortment of Puppy Dog cake and cupcake supplies for your child’s birthday celebration. You will find many cake decorating ideas such as specialty cake pans, cake toppers, edible cake images, cupcake picks, baking liners and candles. These decorating supplies are very easy to use and in no time you will have a beautiful cake or cupcakes to serve to the party guests. Have a favorite dog breed? You will find a nice selection of dog breed edible cake images here, too. These cake toppers are amazing! Your finished cake will definitely wow the party guests.

Cupcake picks are a simple way to embellish your birthday party treats.  The puppy cupcake picks available feature three adorable puppies and come in sets of 24 picks.  Frost your cupcakes and insert the picks; it’s as easy as that!  Cupcake rings are also fun cupcake decorating items.  The puppy cupcake rings come in three designs and are also sold in sets of 24.  The party guests can wear these cute rings home with them. There are puppy and dog bone cupcake rings, too.   Edible sugar decorations would look fabulous on your cupcakes as well.

You can bake your cupcakes in paw print liners and display the finished sweets on a unique paw print cupcake stand.

Another great way to decorate your party cupcakes is to top them with chocolate.  There is a paw print candy mold that you can use to create little chocolates for your party treats.  Simply purchase chocolate melts and fill the mold.  Once the chocolate hardens,  place them on top of your frosted cupcakes.

If you are baking a birthday cake, you can choose from a paw print cake pan and a dog bone cake pan.  Both would work wonderfully for your party.  These Wilton cake pans come complete with decorating instructions.

There are also dog breed edible cake images on the market.  If you child has a favorite breed, you can incorporate this into their birthday party cake design.  The dog breeds available include Chihuahua, Golden Retriever, Pug, Beagle, Basset Hound, Yorkshire Terrier and more.


Olaf Party Supplies

olafWith the rise in popularity of the Disney movie Frozen, Olaf the snowman has emerged as an all out celebrity. Kids love him! Many children are having a Frozen theme birthday party, however, your child can also have an Olaf theme party with the amazing supplies featured on this page.

I have gathered a large selection of Olaf party supplies such as invitations, party favors, cupcake toppers, tableware, balloons, decorations and much more. Some of the supplies center on a summer theme while others have a winter theme. Your child can choose one of these themes or use a mix of both.

The first item is the officially licensed Olaf tableware pictured here.  The party supplies available include plates, napkins, tablecover, cups, pinata and a large cardboard decoration.

For your party invitation, there are many three personalized designs to choose from including a winter theme and a summer theme.  Each of these custom invites also has a cute matching thank you card for the party guests.

The Olaf cake and cupcake supplies include edible images, cupcake decorating kits, cupcake rings, cupcake stand and baking liners.

Ebay sellers offer a large selection of custom Olaf party supplies such as water bottle labels, candy wrappers, party favor bag stickers, birthday shirts and personalized edible cake images.

Surprise your child’s birthday party guests with a visit from Olaf!  They will love it and it would make a fantastic photo op.

Birthday Party Cutout Decorations


cutout party decorations

Movie Night Dancing Snacks Cutout Decorations

One of my favorite birthday party decoration idea as of late are large cutout decorations. These durable decorations are constructed from a lightweight cardboard and are available in many popular kid’s birthday party themes. They come in various sizes ranging from approximately 12″ to 20′ and are usually printed on both sides. They typically come in sets of four designs. I first used these decorations at my daughter’s Movie Night Party last year. They were adorable Retro Dancing Snacks.   I also used these decorations at my son’s Construction party and the cutouts were cool vehicles.  (pictured below)

Each decoration comes with a pre-punched hole for adding a string. If it does not come with a hole, you can simply punch a hole in it yourself. You can hang these decorations anywhere in the party room. I have been hanging them on the light over the party table. It really adds a fun look to the party decor. They can also be used to decorate walls, doors or windows and are inexpensive enough so you can order a few packs.

These cutout decorations are available in hundreds of party themes including sports, western, cowboys, movie night, circus, pirate, construction, under the sea, zombies, Hawaiian luau, flower power, horses, rock n’ roll, retro 70’s, retro 80’s, retro 50’s, racing, beach, firetrucks and much more.

Other fun cardboard party decorations include life size cardboard standees,  dangling cutouts and photo stand in decorations.

cutout party decorations

Construction Vehicle Decorations for my son’s birthday party

Disney Frozen Party Supplies


Frozen Fever Party Supplies

If you are hosting a Frozen Party for your child, this page is full of wonderful theme party ideas and supplies. In addition to the officially licensed tableware, I am also featuring many unique item such as acrylic ice rocks, paper lanterns, grosgrain ribbon, candy molds, cookie cutters and much more.

Start your celebration off by purchasing a gorgeous personalized invitation. These invites include beautiful Frozen scenes and characters and they can be customized with your birthday party details and information.

There are two party designs available, the original Frozen Party Pack as well as the new Frozen Fever party pack based on the 2015 animated short film.  The items included in these party packs are dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, decorations and table covers.  There is also a nice selection of personalized supplies such as party favors, banners and invitations.

For your cake and cupcakes, there are glitter snowflake cupcake decorations, cupcake rings, edible cake toppers and a complete cake topper set.

Ebay sellers offer a large assortment of personalized party supplies such as candy wrappers, birthday shirts, chocolate favors, and cupcake toppers. You can embellish your favors and decorations with officially licensed Frozen themed ribbon.

Finish your celebration with a surprise visit from Olaf the Snowman! The guests will love this! Olaf would also make a wonderful photo op to create special thank you cards for the children.

Please visit my Frozen Room Décor page for officially licensed bedding sets, lamps, personalized clocks, room signs, handmade rag quilts, wall decals, light switch plates and the hard to find Olaf chair.