Rocel recently organized a Transformer’s birthday party for her nephew Jedreck and she has shared all of the photos and party details with me.  The party decorations and cake table were amazing!  The photo above is of the cake table and includes the Bumblebee fondant cake, cupcakes with edible toppers, lollipops, chocolate covered pretzels and other sweet treats.   The cake and cupcakes were supplies by Bakerscraft.  Rocel created the name banner and gear wall decorations herself by tracing the letters and designs onto cardboard and cutting them out.


This is a closeup photo of the 3D Bumblebee birthday cake. The fondant cake features the yellow Bumblebee car on top of a blue cake embellished with a red design.  On top of the cake is a custom banner for the birthday boy.


Here are the Transformers party cupcakes which feature wonderful edible toppers.  These toppers were custom made and feature many popular Transformers characters such as Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron and Ironhide.


Rocel did an unbelievable job decorating the party room.   She ordered the balloon bouquets from one of her suppliers, but she decorated the chairs and tables on her own.  All of the decor centered around the color scheme of red, blue and yellow.

This unique balloon decoration features the birthday boy’s name in gold letter balloons.   The balloon bouquet was accented with gear and Transformer decorations.


For the party favor bags, Rocel purchased an assortment of red and blue polka dot gift bags and filled them with Transformer’s wallets, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, notepads and glue.  Other items in the bags included clay and bubble blowers.    Rocel created custom thank you labels for the bags.  She found Autobot and Deception icons on the Internet and included the text “Thanks for transforming Jedreck’s birthday into a great one” and “Jedreck transforming to 7”.


Closeup photo of the party favor bags.


Here is the table of game prizes which included Transformer’s wallets, yellow water guns and Hello Kitty cups.  Rocel included the Hello Kitty cups because she was a bit worried the girls would not like the Transformer’s giveaways.  To be on the safe side, she offered some more girly prizes.


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