A Tie Dye Party is becoming a very popular birthday party theme.   Kids love to tie dye, so the party is sure to be a hit!  This party theme also works well for a sleepover party.

You can start off your  party planning with a personalized invitation. There are many groovy designs to choose from!

For party supplies,  there is a retro and fun Tie Dye Party Pack available.  The party pack includes:  8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 18 lunch napkins, centerpiece, tablecover, mylar balloon, 18 balloons, curling ribbon, crepe paper,  confetti and cake candles.  You can add on other fun party supplies such as a Flower Power Pinata, Favor Kit, Wall Decorations, Retro Party Cutouts and more.   64967

It is time for cake!  There are Tie Dye edible cake images available for purchase.   Simply bake a sheet cake at home and apply the edible cake topper.   Another cake option is to bake a Tie Dye cake.  These cakes are awesome and not too difficult.   Give it a try!

Now it is time for the party favors.  There are many fun Hippie Tie Dye party favors available  including Neon Glasses, Peace Sign Necklaces, Funky Hippie Headbands, Tie Dye Glasses, Tie Dye Rubber Bracelets, 60’s Temporary Tattoos,  Peace Sign Beads, Woodstock Favor Kit,  Tie Dye Inflatable Guitar, Tie Dye Punch Balloon, Tie Dye Bandana, and more.  You can order these Tie Dye party favors here. .


With a Tie Dye party, there is usually only one party activity-Tie Dying!  First, you need to purchase a Tie Dye Kit.  There are many tie dye kits available for your party including kits from Alex Toys and Small World Toys.  Once you decide on your Tie Dye Kit then all you need to purchase are the white shirts  for decorating.

If you do decide to have another party activity in addition to your tie dying, there are piñatas on the market that would be perfect.

Please visit my Hippie Chick Peace Birthday Party page for more retro party fun.

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