fancy nancy birthday
Bonjour!  (That’s a fancy way of saying hello).

Meet Nancy, who believes that more is ALWAYS better when it comes to being fancy. From the top of her tiara down to her sparkly studded shoes.  In “Fancy Nancy” books, author Jane O’Connor created a world she was very familiar with as a little girl.  The idea for the adventure stories came from the special time each week when O’Connor’s grandmother and great aunts would come to visit.    As soon as they would arrive, she would throw on her tutu, red cape and mom’s high heeled shoes and come down to greet her guests!

Since it has everything little girls love- tiaras, gowns, sparkle and glitter- Fancy Nancy has become a very popular birthday party theme.    There are so many ways you could host a Fancy Nancy birthday party.  You could have a Fancy Nancy Tea Party, Fancy Nancy Dress Up Party or a Fancy Nancy slumber party.  If you are really ambitious, you could incorporate all of these ideas into one party- a Fancy Nancy Dress-Up Tea Party Sleepover!   How fun!

Start your party planning off right with a custom, personalized birthday invitation which you can purchase on Ebay.    There are so many adorable designs to chose from.  Some of the invitations have the option to add a photo, too.

fancy nancy party

Next, it is time for the partyware.   You can purchase the Fancy Nancy Party Pack.  The basic party pack includes invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, tablecover, placemats, centerpiece,  balloons, crepe paper rolls,  curling ribbon, confetti and cake candles.   You can then add-on other fun party items including a Fancy Nancy tiara pinata and personalized banner.  Accent the birthday party table with a handmade centerpiece offered by Ebay seller Kids Will Love Em.    These are really adorable!

For your Fancy Nancy cake, you could purchase a crown cake pan and create a pink and girly crown cake.   Cake pan comes with complete design instructions.   Another cake option would be to bake a sheet cake and accent it with a personalized cake topper.  Ebay sellers offer a nice selection of Fancy Nancy edible cake toppers that would be adorable for your daughter’s birthday cake.

There are many fun party activities for this theme.   How about a Fancy Nancy pinata?  You could purchase a crown pinata for this party theme.

Ebay seller htm designs offers a large assortment of custom Fancy Nancy party favors and supplies including water bottle labels, personalized favor tags, bookmarks, candy wrappers, cupcake toppers, favor boxes, scratch off games, and popcorn wrappers.

Designed 2 Be Sweet carries a great selection of tea party and princess party favors that would be great for your Fancy Nancy party.  They have tiaras, boas, jewelry, wands, lip gloss, tutus, long gloves, diva sunglasses,  party purses, and more.

Finish off your party planning with a custom hair bow for your daughter to wear on her special day!

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  1. Altese Jones

    I really like the fancy nancy invitation photo that you have on this page. How can I order this invitation? I seen the others you have on ebay but this one wasn’t listed.

  2. jahaira

    Please tell me where I can find the invitation that you have on this page! I love this for my daughter’s 1st B-Day!

  3. Brooke

    I am interested in the invitation found on this page. Where can I order this one?

  4. Stephanie

    Where can I get the invitation that is on this page?

  5. Elizabeth

    I have already started planning my daughter’s Ooh la la Fancy Nancy Tea Party. I have had great success with getting supplies from Ebay and will do so again this year. I have purchased many Paris accessories from Michael’s then will intersperse Fancy Nancy in the design. I will definetly get the invites from Ebay. I bought Paris themed boxes instead of goody bags. All the items in it are a spa theme (mask, bath fizzlers, soap flakes, manicure set, nail polish, and lip gloss). I will add some Fancy Nancy stickers and rings that I already got from Ebay. I am now on a search for the perfect cake topper. The girl’s first activity will be decorating their own tea party hats. Then, dress up time (boas, pearls, rings, earrings, etc). Once they are dressed, they will move on to tea. After tea, presents then cake. Then, they can take their costumes and gift boxes home with them.

  6. admin

    @Elizabeth, Your Fancy Nancy birthday party sounds amazing! My favorite Fancy Nancy cake topper is the one I have pictured here from My Cupcake Cakes. It is gorgeous. 🙂

  7. K

    Please do share where the invitation came from. I love it.

  8. admin

    @K: My friend Nancy from Festivity Favors made that invite. You can contact her through her website and let her know Janet sent you. 🙂

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