Dinosaur Train 1st Birthday Party



Shannon hosted a Dinosaur Train theme party for her son Tanner’s 1st birthday.    Shannon did an amazing job incorporting this theme into the celebration.   From the party favors, to the decorations, to the birthday cakes; everything looked wonderful.    The first party item is the cake pictured above.   This cake was made for Tanner’s actual birthday and it was made using Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix and Vanilla Buttercream frosting.   It is decorated using two of the show’s popular colors; orange & yellow and topped with a Buddy with Train Car toy figure.  Super cute!


Shannon created wonderful favor bags for the party guests.    She purchased colorful lunch style bags with handles in the prodiment show colors; orange, blue, green and yellow.   The bags are embellished with dinosaur stickers and bursting with goodies including plastic dinosaurs, bubbles, Dinosaur Train stickers and Dinosaur Train rings.  Colorful tissue paper was added to the bags as a fun decoration.


I love these dinosaur egg cake pops!  They are a new twist on the classic cake pop.  Shannon made the pops as favors for the adults at the party.   They were made using Dunkin Hines Classic White Cake Mix.   However, instead of making classic round balls, she rolled the cake out into egg shapes.   She coated the cake pops using orange, lime green and blue Wilton Candy Melts.    Each pop was placed in a candy bag and wrapped with ribbon.   Shannon purchased personalized Dinosaur Train thank you cards on Ebay and attached them to the favors.   The finished cake pops were displayed in a cute stand which was purchased at Walmart.


This cake came out great.  It is the cake served during Tanner’s birthday party for the guests.   Shannon made this 12″ x 18″ sheet cake using Dunkin Hines Devil’s Food Cake Mix and Vanilla Buttercream.   To create a sandy dessert look, she sprinkled the top of the cake with brown sugar.   For the volcano, Shannon stacked  three 6″ cakes, frosted them with chocolate buttercream and used Red Glitter Frosting from Betty Crocker to make the lava.  She decorated the top of the cake with candy coated chocolate rocks for a more realistic look.   The cake was finished off with a Dinosaur Train Motorized Train
Set with Track and a toy figures to create the train station from the show.


This was Tanner’s smash cake for his actual birthday.   The cake is a smaller version of the first cake featured in this post and is topped with a Buddy cupcake ring.   It was also made using Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix and Vanilla Buttercream.   The finished cake was placed on an adorable yellow Happy Birthday plate.


Here is Tanner enjoying his birthday cake!


The last birthday cake is the smash cake served to Tanner during his birthday party.   Shannon purchased a train shaped cake mold at Michaels Craft Store.   She poured the cake batter into half the mold as directed and when she could see the cake rising through the hole on top it was finished.   When done, the cake stood upright.  She decorated the cake using a Wilton star tip with orange, green and yellow  frosting.  The finished cake was placed on a cake board that said “Happy 1st Birthday Tanner”  and a Buddy figure was placed next to the cake.   The look on Tanner’s face in this picture is priceless!

Please visit my Dinosaur Train Party Supplies page for more fun party ideas including custom favors, personalized invitations, decorations and more.


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