Pull Apart Cakes and Cupcake Cakes


A pull apart cake, also known as a cupcake cake, is a cake which uses cupcakes as the base and is then frosted as one cake. Since these cakes are made out of cupcakes, they are made to “pull apart”. That is where they acquired their name. When it is time to serve the treats to the party guests, you simply start pulling the cake apart and handing out the individual cupcakes.

These cakes are the latest trend in decorating. While a relatively new technique, they are quickly becoming a popular design that can be served at just about any occasion. These cakes look terrific and are a wonderful option for someone who would like to serve cupcakes at their party, yet want the look of a finished cake.

This page will feature a wonderful selection of finished cakes made by talented cake artists. I will also be spotlighting specialty pans, decorating supplies, cupcake supplies as well as many tips on how you can make one  of these unique creations at your next party.


How To Make a Pull Apart Cake:

  • Bake your cupcakes in paper liners. Paper liners ‘lock’ together at the ridges which will help the cupcakes stay together better
  • Once cooled, place the cupcakes on the cake board you will be serving the finished cake on since the cake cannot be moved after it is decorated
  • Arrange the cupcakes in a round, square, rectangular, irregular or custom shape depending on the cake you want to create
  • You may want to consider spreading some buttercream or frosting on the cake board before arranging the cupcakes. This is to prevent the cupcakes from slipping as you frost them
  • When arranging the cupcakes into your desired pattern, make sure the gaps between the cupcakes are very small by pressing the cupcakes as close together as possible
  • Cut off the cupcake tops so that you have flat surface to frost
  • Then, frost your cupcakes together as one large cake as opposed to frosting them individually as you normally would with cupcakes
  • * Note: If you are creating a custom shape for your pull apart cake, you can 1.) use a template of the design as a guide when arranging your cupcake (this technique is demonstrated in the video above), or 2.) trace the pattern onto wax paper, place the paper onto the cake and poke light holes into the cupcakes around the paper pattern. Remove the wax paper and lightly draw the outline. Then, only frost the area within the pattern to create your shape.
  • Once frosted, finish off your pull apart cake with small candies, sprinkles, cake decorations, frosting decorations, floral designs, a fancy border, an edible cake image, custom design, frozen buttercream transfer, etc.

There is a Create and Celebrate line of products which features 12 individual cupcakes that can be decorated as one cake and then pulled apart to eat. Cake pans are made from FDA approved food grade silicone and have a quick-release permanent non-stick surface.  The pan designs in this line include Car, Truck, Flower Basket, Giant Cupcake, Butterfly, Turtle, Alligator, Bunny Rabbit, Heart, Christmas stocking, Christmas wreath, Cornucopia, Hershey’s Kiss, Penguin, Snowman, Gingerbread Boy and Halloween Pumpkin.

Nordic Ware also offers fun pull apart cake pans including Honeycomb and Cinnamon Bun.   These pans are constructed of heavy cast aluminum and feature a non-stick surface.

Football Cake and Cupcakes


For my son’s 7th birthday party with family, I made him a football cake and NFL football cupcakes.  He played recreational football for the first time this past year and he loves all of the NFL football teams.   So, I knew he would love this!  This cake and cupcake display was very simple to make and this page will detail everything I did to create this sweet surprise for my son.

I used the Wilton Football Cake Pan to make my son’s football cake.   This cake pan is very simple to use.  It takes one 2 layer cake mix.  The cake pan comes with complete baking and decorating instructions, however, here are the basic instructions:

  • Grease the cake pan or spray liberally with flour spray making sure the pan is completley coated and that none of the pan is still showing
  • Prepare the cake mix per box instructions and pour the batter into the pan spreading with a spatula if necessary
  • Place the cake in the lower third of the oven
  • Bake at 325 degrees for 55 to 60  minutes or until done
  • Let cake completely cool before removing from the cake pan

I decided to use a chocolate cake mix for the football cake, therefore, I didn’t have to frost it.  All I did was add the football stitching using white frosting.  I served the cake with whipped topping.  Everyone enjoyed it.

I found NFL team helmet images on the Internet to use for my paper cupcake toppers.   I printed out the helmet images onto photo paper and then cut them out. After they were all cut out, I attached them each to a toothpick.  Then, I inserted the cupcake toppers into the frosted cupcakes.  Please visit my Cupcake Topper page for more paper cupcake topper ideas and photos. To finish off the cupcakes, I printed out a photo of my son in his football uniform.  I attached the photo to a toothpick as well and included it in my cake and cupcake display for a nice personal touch.

Please visit my Football Cake and Cupcakes page and my Football Helmet Cupcakes  page for more great cake ideas for your little (or big!) football fan.

How To Make YouTube Cupcakes


YouTube Cupcakes

Like many teens, my daughter is a YouTube addict.  So for her 13th birthday I decided to make her YouTube cupcakes.   These cupcakes were decorated using white frosting and fondant letters and stars.

This was my first time cutting letters out of fondant and it was more difficult than I had imagined.  Since I needed the actual You Tube font, I couldn’t just use letter cutters.  I had to print out the logo and carefully cut out each letter.  I was very pleased with the end result and my daughter loved them which is really all that mattered.

I purchased white Satin Ice fondant and tinted it red and black for my cupcakes.  Red is one of the more difficult shades to achieve when tinting fondant.  Many times you just get a pinkish color.  Therefore, I was very happy that I was able to do it.  To tint my fondant I purchased red and black Wilton icing paste.

Fondant Decorating Supplies


Tinting Fondant


  • Decide how much fondant you need in a particular color.  Always take more than you think you may need to be sure you have enough
  • Place the fondant on waxed paper.  You can sprinkle the wax paper with confectioners sugar to prevent sticking
  • Optionally, you can wear food handling gloves to keep your hands clean.  I decided to not wear gloves and my hands washed up fine, but that is up to you
  • Using a toothpick spread some icing paste onto the fondant
  • Fold and knead the fondant
  • Keep adding more icing paste until the desired color is achieved
  • Wrap your fondant in cling wrap until you are ready to use it

How to Cut the Letters out of Fondant:

  • Print out the YouTube logo from the Internet
  • Cut out each letter and the red shape for the ‘Tube’ background
  • Roll out your tinted fondant to about 1/4″
  • Place each letter/shape onto the fondant and carefully cut out using a trimmer and cutting blade
  • Once the letter is finished put aside and start the next letter
  • If you make a  mistake, no big deal!  Simply roll the fondant up and start again

Fondant Stars

I decided to also make some fondant stars to accent the cupcakes since my daughter wants to be a YouTube star one day! I purchased star fondant cutters and cut the stars out of the red and black fondant.


Cupcakes and Fondant

I was going to bake a cake, but then decided to do cupcakes instead.  I wasn’t sure at the time exactly how I was going to place the fondant on top of them, but the idea came together once the cupcakes were baked and frosted.  I baked the cupcakes using Duncan Hines cake mix and used Duncan Hines classic vanilla frosting.  The cake was chocolate which is my daughter’s favorite.   When the cupcakes were cooled, I placed the frosting in a Wilton disposable decorating bag with an attached open star decorating tip.  I piped the frosting onto the cupcakes and then arranged them so that I could top them with the You Tube letters and shapes.


Princess Cookies

princess cookies

Princess Crown Cookie Favors

This page features a large selection of Princess cookie ideas and supplies.  There is a wonderful assortment of princess theme cookie cutters including castles, tiaras, crowns, gowns, shoes and more.  Use these cookie cutters with your favorite sugar cookie recipe to create beautiful princess cookies for your little princess!  Other princess cookie supplies include a Wilton Cookie Mold, Edible cookie images and Princess Color In Cookies.  If you are hosting a Princess Party, you can serve these pretty treats during the birthday party or hand them out to the guests as delicious party favors.

Whether planning a large princess celebration or just having tea for two, these sweet princess cookies are perfect for Royalty!

If you would like to make Princess cookies for a special treat or for your daughter’s birthday party, there are many Princess cookie cutters to choose from.  Some of the Princess cookie cutters include a crown, princess shoes, a castle, beautiful gown, wand and more.  These cookie cutter can be purchased individually or in a set.

Simply bake the cookies using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and then create Princess shapes by cutting the dough with the princess cookie cutters featured below.  Once your cookies are baked and cooled, you can decorate them with sparkling sugar crystal decorations, edible roses & flowers, sprinkles and more..


Hand Decorated Princess Cookies

If you are handing your princess cookies out as party favors, wrap them in FDA approved bags and tie with pretty curling ribbon.  You could also add a princess thank you card to your party favors.  To make thank you cards, purchase Princess favor stickers, matte them onto cardstock and punch a hole on top.  Attach to your cookie favors using curling ribbon.

Edible images are very simple to apply to your baked treats.    These edible toppers can easily be applied to cookies as well.

Simply bake round sugar cookies and decorate them with fondant or frosting.  Then place the edible image on top and it will melt into the frosting or fondant creating a beautiful princess design.

These edible cookie toppers come in various sizes ranging from 1 1/2″ to 3″.  You would just need to bake you cookies slightly larger than the edible image you are using.

Wilton recently released a Princess Cookie Mold.   This unique mold will enable you to turn store bought cookies into a delicious chocolate treat.   Each cookie mold features two different designs; a princess crown and a wand with the text ‘Princess’.  There are 8 cavaties per cookie mold.

How to use your Wilton Princess Cookie Mold:

  • Buy Oreos or any sandwich style cookie
  • Melt Wilton Chocolate Melts in the colors you would like to use for your cookies
  • Brush the melted chocolate into the details of the mold and let harden
  • Fill the remaining mold with melted chocolate
  • Place your Oreo or sandwich cookie into the mold
  • Once the chocolate hardens, remove the cookies

*Tip:  To make the process easier, you could also choose to use just one color of chocolate.  By doing this, the finished cookie will look as if it has an imprint of a crown and/or wand.

These easy to make princess cookies can be served as a special treat for your little princess or you could serve them
during your daughter’s Princess birthday bash.  If you want to hand them out as party favors, simply place the finished cookies in FDA approved bags and tie with curling ribbon.

Please visit my Princess Party page for lots more great ideas and supplies for your celebration.


White Chocolate Covered Oreo Princess Crown Cookies