Novelty Birthday Cake Pans

cake pansNovelty birthday cake pans are wonderful.  You can generally find a cake pan in any shape or design you can possibly imagine!  From popular character pans to fun animal shapes, there are so many to chose from.

Some of these cake pans come with their original inserts.  These inserts provide you with complete decorating instructions and all of the supplies you will need to create your birthday cake.   The insert will include a list of the decorating tips required to create the design as well as the icing colors recommended.  All you need is the cake mix and you are ready to go!

What if the cake pan is used or vintage and does not come with the original insert?  No problem!  You can go to the Wilton website to view the instructions for many of their older pans.  If your cake pan is not listed on the site, try doing an Internet search for it and most likely you will be able to locate it.

These novelty cake pans are so versatile and really make birthday cake decorating a breeze.  Plus, they are fun to work with.  And, the fact that you can still get your hands on the vintage pans such as Star Wars, Mickey Mouse and Batman, makes finding the perfect cake design for your next birthday celebration a piece of cake!

Kid’s Birthday Cakes: Keep em’ simple!

When deciding on a birthday cake for a child’s party, the simpler the better.   While you can go as crazy as you want with the icing and decorations, the cake itself needs to be basic.  The inside of the cake should be vanilla or chocolate.  Statistics have shown that more people prefer vanilla, but either will do.   Whether you are baking the cake yourself or ordering it from a bakery, don’t get too fancy with the recipe.   Be sure there isn’t any fruity filling or spice to the cake.  Remember, most kids are picky eaters and will not eat any of the fancy cake stuff.

The reason I am posting this is because my seven year old daughter attended a Hannah Montana theme party at Club Libby Lu last weekend.  The party was wonderful!  The girls all had a blast dressing up and getting their hair and makeup done.  Everything was going smoothly and they were so close to pulling off the perfect birthday party.  Then, the cake was served. The cake was purchased from a local bakery.  It looked great and  went nicely with the party theme.  It was a beautiful cake with white icing and a Hannah Montana edible cake image on top.   The kids were very excited to dig in!

As soon as the cake was sliced,  I knew  there was going to be  problem.  To my surprise, there was a layer of fruity goo in the middle of a chocolate cake.  Okay, for adults, that would have been fine and well received.  However, not one of the kids ate more than a bite of their cake!  All seven plates remained with a huge chunk of uneaten Hannah Montana birthday cake.  What a shame!  A slice was offered to me and I of course accepted it.  Hey, who turns down cake?  When I took a bite, I also noticed that the chocolate cake itself had a little spice to it.  That obviously didn’t help matters.   I realize that kids don’t always finish their cake while at a birthday party, but I have personally never witnessed this much untouched cake before in my life.

The moral of my story is this.  Get crazy with icing, decorations, edible cake toppers and whatever else you want to add to your child’s birthday cake.  However, keep the basic cake as kid friendly and simple as possible.  This will prevent a lot of cake from finding itself in the nearest garage can. Trust me.

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Suri Cruise celebrated her 2nd birthday on April 18th with a small gathering of family and friends. At the center of the celebration, was a beautiful green and yellow polka dot butterfly birthday cake. This cake reportedly cost close to $5,000! Imagine that!

If you would like to make a similar birthday cake for your child’s birthday, you will need to start with three or four cakes baked in different sized circles to create the tiered effect.  Next, you will need to learn how to decorate a cake with fondant.

You can make fondant from scratch or purchase ready-to-use rolled out fondant icing.   Fondant can be tinted any color you would like or you can purchase colored fondant to save some time if you don’t want to tint it yourself.  If you do chose to tint the fondant yourself, be sure to use icing paste instead of liquid food colors since food coloring will make your fondant wet and and too watered down.

Fondant can also be made into many different shapes as you can see with Suri’s butterflies and polka dots above.  There are many small cookie cutters available on the market that you can use to create fondant shapes.  And, once you gain more experience working with fondant,  you can start creating custom shapes of your own.

Lastly, it is very important to make the cake as smooth as you can before adding the fondant shapes as any imperfections can be seen through the rolled on fondant.

So, there you have the basics of decorating with fondant!   If you practice the technique enough, I am certain you will be able to create a birthday cake as beautiful as Suri’s with a much lower price tag.