70’s Disco Dance Ball Cakes and Cupcakes

My daughter decided to have a Disco Dance Party for her 11th birthday celebration. We played all the greatest 70’s disco music and the girls danced all night long. For the cupcakes, we created a Disco Ball Cupcake platter. Not only did it come out great, but my kids had a blast creating it. Although I supervised, they did a lot of the work themselves as you can see from the photos below. The party guests commented on how cool it was and we surprised e we made it ourselves. I will provide step-by-step instructions below on how we made our Disco Ball Cupcake Platter.

We purchased a large circular cake board for the platter. Using shiny black wrapping paper, we covered the board taping it on the bottom. The black wrapping paper coordinated nicely with the disco party theme.  Using a sharp knife, we cut a small slice off one side of the styrofoam ball. This enabled the ball to stand upright. We painted the ball using sliver glitter paint since there would be a small space in between the glass mirrors and we didn’t want the white styrofoam to be seen.

disco party supplies

Disco Ball Cupcake Platter Supplies

Once the ball was completely dry (overnight), we hot glued the tiles to the ball in a random pattern. Glass tile mosaics are available in a variety of sizes including: 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″. We used a combination of 1/2″ and 3/4″ tiles on our disco ball and ended up using about 200-300 tiles to cover it completely. The size of your glass mosaic tiles will determine how many tiles you will need to cover the 6″ ball. You may want to consider purchasing these glass tiles in bulk or leaving more space between the tiles to cut down on expenses.

disco party supplies

Making the Disco Ball

We baked 24 cupcakes in sliver foil liners. The silver liners coordinated wonderfully with the disco ball theme. We tinted vanilla icing blue, orange, pink and green to coordinate with the tableware we selected for the party.  I always use Wilton icing paste when tinting frosting. Once the cupcakes were cooled, we frosted them and topped each cupcake with a black musical note edible sugar decoration and silver sprinkles.  The cupcakes were placed on the platter around the disco ball arranging them by color.  We decorated the platter with glittering 70’s disco theme party confetti.

disco party

Decorating the Party Cupcakes


disco party

Disco Party Supplies and Favors

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Custom Party Invitations, Favors and Supplies

Puppy Dog Cake and Cupcake Supplies

dogPuppy dog parties are a very popular birthday theme.  This page features a large assortment of Puppy Dog cake and cupcake supplies for your child’s birthday celebration. You will find many cake decorating ideas such as specialty cake pans, cake toppers, edible cake images, cupcake picks, baking liners and candles. These decorating supplies are very easy to use and in no time you will have a beautiful cake or cupcakes to serve to the party guests. Have a favorite dog breed? You will find a nice selection of dog breed edible cake images here, too. These cake toppers are amazing! Your finished cake will definitely wow the party guests.

Cupcake picks are a simple way to embellish your birthday party treats.  The puppy cupcake picks available feature three adorable puppies and come in sets of 24 picks.  Frost your cupcakes and insert the picks; it’s as easy as that!  Cupcake rings are also fun cupcake decorating items.  The puppy cupcake rings come in three designs and are also sold in sets of 24.  The party guests can wear these cute rings home with them. There are puppy and dog bone cupcake rings, too.   Edible sugar decorations would look fabulous on your cupcakes as well.

You can bake your cupcakes in paw print liners and display the finished sweets on a unique paw print cupcake stand.

Another great way to decorate your party cupcakes is to top them with chocolate.  There is a paw print candy mold that you can use to create little chocolates for your party treats.  Simply purchase chocolate melts and fill the mold.  Once the chocolate hardens,  place them on top of your frosted cupcakes.

If you are baking a birthday cake, you can choose from a paw print cake pan and a dog bone cake pan.  Both would work wonderfully for your party.  These Wilton cake pans come complete with decorating instructions.

There are also dog breed edible cake images on the market.  If you child has a favorite breed, you can incorporate this into their birthday party cake design.  The dog breeds available include Chihuahua, Golden Retriever, Pug, Beagle, Basset Hound, Yorkshire Terrier and more.


Make Your Own Edible Cake Images


Eeyore cake I made for my daughter’s birthday

Edible cake images (or toppers) are a very popular cake decorating idea. There are a few reasons for this.   Firs, you can have a edible cake image is any theme, so there is no limit to what you can do.  And second they are simple to apply to a freshly baked cake.  Lastly, these cake images can be personalized with the guest of honor’s name, age or any text you would like. You can purchase these edible cake toppers online or at your local bakery. If you are ambitious, you can make you own edible cake images at home. The equipment needed to create your own images at home are somewhat pricey, so unless you plan on making quite a few of them, you may chose to just purchase the cake image instead.

If you do chose to purchase the supplies necessary to make you own cake images, you could make a hobby out of it by creating cakes for friends and relative’s as well as for your own family or even start your own cake image business.  Cake images are not difficult to create, the start-up costs are much lower compared to other businesses, it is a great work at home job and creating images is fun.


Another cake I made using an edible cake image

To get started making edible cake images, you will need a printer. If you have an extra printer at home, you can designate it solely for printing the cake images. Any inkjet printer made by HP, Canon or Epson can be used for printing with edible ink. Manufacturers of edible ink always tell which printers are compatible with their products.

Before you can use the printer for cake images, you will first need to thoroughly clean the printer head to remove all traces of the regular ink. To be on the safe side, you can also replace the printer head with one that is designed more suitably for working with edible ink. Since the cartridges cannot be switched out between regular ink and edible ink, you will need to only use this printer for the images. If you do not have an extra printer at home, you will need to purchase a new printer.

The edible photo printing basics are simple. You use your own home computer, printer and scanner to create customized images, photos and artwork and print them as you normally would. The only difference is that you will be using Edible Inkjet printer ink and you will be printing it on Edible printing paper. Edible paper comes in the form of frosting/icing sheets and are FDA, EEC and Kosher approved. Frosting sheets are so thin they absorb right in the cake frosting leaving a seamless edible picture.

*Rice paper or wafer paper can also be used for edible cake toppers. It is an edible starch based confection that can be airbrushed or easily cut into desired shapes. It is slightly flexible, but is not designed for printer use.


Fun Pink Skull cupcakes I made for my daughter using edible cupcake images

Once your image is printed, you can apply it to the cake. You will need to start with clean, dry hands before handling the cake image. Edible images do need a bit a moisture to blend with the icing, so if the icing is slightly dry, you may want to spray it with water or add a thin layer of icing. Be sure the image is exactly where you want it before you apply it to the cake. First you will need to remove the paper backing on the image. Then, apply it to the iced cake. Once the image is applied to the cake, use your fingertips to gently tap it down starting with the center of the image and working your way out to the edges.  Never rub the image! If after the image is applied there are bubbles, gently tap the image to smooth it out. Edible images can also be applied to cupcakes, cookies, ice cream cakes, whipped topping, fondant, sugar paste, and poured icing.

*Note: If you purchase the edible image as opposed to making it yourself, it will come in a sealed bag. Be sure to remove the image RIGHT before you plan on using it and immediately reseal the bag if there are other images in there.

Winnie the Pooh Cakes and Cupcakes

poohWinnie the Pooh birthday parties are as popular as ever.  If you are planning this theme party for your child, you will find many fun birthday cake and cupcake ideas here. Some of the birthday cake supplies listed on this page include cake toppers, cupcake decorating kits, rings & picks, personalized edible cake images, cake pans, Eeyore cake ideas, birthday candles, custom cake toppers, cake pops, cupcake holders, sugar decorations, baking liners, beehive cake pan and honey pot decorating ideas.

There are many Winnie the Pooh cake pans available that would be great for your birthday party including:

1971 #515-401: Winnie the Pooh cake pan
1995 #2105-3000 :  Pooh with honey pot
1998 #2105-3003: 1st Birthday cake pan
2001 #2105-1135: Single Dessert cake pan
2001 #2105-3002:  3D Stand Up cake pan
2001 #2105-3004: Pooh Face Pan
2006 #2015-3100: Pooh holding balloons

If Tigger is your child’s favorite character from the Hundred Acre Woods, then a Tigger cake would be perfect for your birthday party.  There is a 1995 Tigger cake pan #2105-3100 that you could use to bake and decorate your Tigger birthday cake.  Pictured below is the Eeyore cake I made for my daughter a few years ago.  If this cute, shy donkey is your child’s favorite, this would be another great option for your party.


Edible cake images are very simple to apply to any home baked or store bought cake. These cake images are available in many fun designs and many of them can be personalized with the birthday child’s name and birthday age. They come in many different cake sizes including round cake, 1/4 sheet cake, 1/2 sheet cake and cupcakes.

If you are baking cupcakes for your child’s birthday party, there is a nice selection of cupcake rings and picks on the market.  Some of the cupcake decorating supplies include molded cupcake rings, flower cupcake picks, Baby Pooh and Friends cupcake picks and more.

A fun birthday cake idea for your party would be to bake a beehive cake.  Nordic Ware sells a Beehive cake pan which would be perfect for your celebration.  You could decorate the Beehive cake with bumble bee sugar decorations or fondant bees. For your fondant bees, you could mold the bees out of fondant or use a bee cookie cutter to create one dimensional bees for your cake.  Once your beehive birthday cake is finished, you could add the figures listed above to pull the party theme together.