Chalkboard Birthday Signs

chalkboardbirthdaysignChalkboard signs are the latest trend in birthday party decorating.  These signs are especially popular for a 1st birthday celebration.   You can purchase a custom chalkboard sign for your party or make your own.

If your decide to purchase a chalkboard sign, you generally have two options depending on your budget; a hand painted chalkboard or a poster print.   Both items feature the same classic chalkboard style and would look amazing displayed at your child’s party.

If you are ambitious and creative, you could make your own sign.

Regardless of which route you take, a birthday sign will look fabulous at your child’s party and also provide a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

Birthday sign pictured here courtesy of Etsy seller Art by Gillian.

Chalkboard birthday signs feature an assortment of facts about the child.  Some of the information generally found on these signs include:

  • Name & Age
  • Things I Love
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite Snacks
  • Favorite Books
  • Height & Weight
  • Bestfriends
  • Favorite Questions Asked
  • What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
  • My First Word
  • Words I Say
  • How Many Teeth I Have
  • Favorite TV Show
  • Favorite Toy
  • Favorite Color
  • Things I Learned This Year
  • A Photo of the Birthday Child (available only on the poster prints)

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard Birthday Sign

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Princess Cookies

princess cookies

Princess Crown Cookie Favors

This page features a large selection of Princess cookie ideas and supplies.  There is a wonderful assortment of princess theme cookie cutters including castles, tiaras, crowns, gowns, shoes and more.  Use these cookie cutters with your favorite sugar cookie recipe to create beautiful princess cookies for your little princess!  Other princess cookie supplies include a Wilton Cookie Mold, Edible cookie images and Princess Color In Cookies.  If you are hosting a Princess Party, you can serve these pretty treats during the birthday party or hand them out to the guests as delicious party favors.

Whether planning a large princess celebration or just having tea for two, these sweet princess cookies are perfect for Royalty!

If you would like to make Princess cookies for a special treat or for your daughter’s birthday party, there are many Princess cookie cutters to choose from.  Some of the Princess cookie cutters include a crown, princess shoes, a castle, beautiful gown, wand and more.  These cookie cutter can be purchased individually or in a set.

Simply bake the cookies using your favorite sugar cookie recipe and then create Princess shapes by cutting the dough with the princess cookie cutters featured below.  Once your cookies are baked and cooled, you can decorate them with sparkling sugar crystal decorations, edible roses & flowers, sprinkles and more..


Hand Decorated Princess Cookies

If you are handing your princess cookies out as party favors, wrap them in FDA approved bags and tie with pretty curling ribbon.  You could also add a princess thank you card to your party favors.  To make thank you cards, purchase Princess favor stickers, matte them onto cardstock and punch a hole on top.  Attach to your cookie favors using curling ribbon.

Edible images are very simple to apply to your baked treats.    These edible toppers can easily be applied to cookies as well.

Simply bake round sugar cookies and decorate them with fondant or frosting.  Then place the edible image on top and it will melt into the frosting or fondant creating a beautiful princess design.

These edible cookie toppers come in various sizes ranging from 1 1/2″ to 3″.  You would just need to bake you cookies slightly larger than the edible image you are using.

Wilton recently released a Princess Cookie Mold.   This unique mold will enable you to turn store bought cookies into a delicious chocolate treat.   Each cookie mold features two different designs; a princess crown and a wand with the text ‘Princess’.  There are 8 cavaties per cookie mold.

How to use your Wilton Princess Cookie Mold:

  • Buy Oreos or any sandwich style cookie
  • Melt Wilton Chocolate Melts in the colors you would like to use for your cookies
  • Brush the melted chocolate into the details of the mold and let harden
  • Fill the remaining mold with melted chocolate
  • Place your Oreo or sandwich cookie into the mold
  • Once the chocolate hardens, remove the cookies

*Tip:  To make the process easier, you could also choose to use just one color of chocolate.  By doing this, the finished cookie will look as if it has an imprint of a crown and/or wand.

These easy to make princess cookies can be served as a special treat for your little princess or you could serve them
during your daughter’s Princess birthday bash.  If you want to hand them out as party favors, simply place the finished cookies in FDA approved bags and tie with curling ribbon.

Please visit my Princess Party page for lots more great ideas and supplies for your celebration.


White Chocolate Covered Oreo Princess Crown Cookies


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Ombre Birthday Cakes


Pretty Purple Ombre Birthday Cake

Webster defines ombre as having colors or tones that shade into each other.   I have noticed an increase in ombre designs in hair colors/styles and clothing and now cakes!  Ombre cakes seem to be the big thing in cake decorating these days.   This cake design is fairly simple to create yet the results are amazing.

Some ombre cakes feature the color tones in the frosting, others on the inside cake and some feature a complete ombre design on the inside and outside of the cake such as the cake pictured here. This cake design is created when you apply the shades of color from light to dark.    The dark color is usually at the bottom of the cake and the lightest color is at the very top, however, this can vary. You can apply your ombre frosting in many pretty designs such as petals, roses and ruffles.  You can view the video tutorials on this page for step by step instructions.

To decorate a rose ombre cake such as the beautiful purple cake pictured above, you can use a Wilton 1M Star decorating tip or any similar tip.   Make your frosting and separate it into bowls.   Tint the frosting different shades from light to dark.  Place your frosting into decorating bags with the star tip.  Using your star tip create large swirls, or roses, around the cake.   When finished with one layer, use the next shade of frosting to create the next layer of color.

Pink Ombre Frosting Designs

Pink Ombre Frosting Designs

The elegant pink cake pictured here features a frosting ombre design.   Simply separate your frosting into bowls and tint each using icing color or paste.  Then frost your cake in sections or layers carefully blending the colors together.   This style of cake can be finished off with completely smooth surface or you can add ridges like you see in the cake pictured.

Acrylic ombre cake toppers are another great idea for your celebration.   The cake toppers are 100% FDA approved and measure 3″ x 6″.   You can even personalize the topper with a name or custom message. The colors you can purchase include red, blue, purple, yellow, pink, mint green and gray.

Other ombre cake designs include:

  • Petal Design:  Pipe blobs of frosting around the cake and using a spoon spear the blobs down either down or across.  Then create your next row.
  • Rose Design: Create pretty swirls using the Wilton 1M Star Decorating Tip.
  • Ruffle Design:  Create very thin strips of fondant using a pasta machine and add the ruffles with a taper tool.  Then apply the ruffled fondant to the cake in layers.
  • Buttercream Frosting: This method involves frosting the cake in layers and blending the colors together.

Ombre Cake Batter

Making an ombre layered cake is very simple.     Here are the basic steps:

  • Make your cake batter using your own recipe or a boxed cake mix.  White cake works best since it is easier to tint.
  • Divide the batter into how many layers you want for your cake.   Ombre layer cakes are generally 3 to 5 layers depending on how tall you want your cake to be.
  • Using icing color or paste tint the batter various shades of the color you are using for your cake.
  • Pour the cake batter into your pans.
  • Bake your cakes.
  • When the cakes are baked and cooled, place them on top of each other spreading frosting between each layer.
  • Then frost and decorate the your cake.
  • You can choose to frost your cake with an ombre style or all one color.

If you want to create ombre cupcakes for your celebration, these ombre cupcake wrappers from Dress My Cupcake would be perfect.   Wrappers are available in royal blue, diamond blue, kelly green, grey, sky blue, ivory, pink, coral, plum purple, kiwi green, leaf green, yellow, red, royal purple, lavendar, black, navy blue, orange, brown and fushia.  The wrappers will fit standard sized cupcakes and come in sets of 12 or 50.   There are coordinating party items available such as straws, tissue pom poms and wooden spoons.  Wilton sells ombre baking cups that would be perfect for your celebration.

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Zombie Cakes and Cupcakes


Zombies are all the rave. They are not just for Halloween anymore. People are hosting zombie theme parties to celebrate their love for the Walking Dead series or just because zombies are disgustingly cool and fascinating.

How To Host a Walking Dead Party
Plants vs Zombies Party Supplies

If you are baking treats for a zombie party, you will find a large selection of decorating supplies here including cupcake toppers, cake kits, cake decorating books, paper cupcake toppers and cupcake stands.

How about brain cupcakes? Or realistic looking and gory zombie cupcake picks? Maybe you prefer to have a zombie crawling out of your cupcake. Have fun browsing these deliciously gruesome cupcake ideas and supplies featured here.

zombie cupcakes

Create the image of zombies crawling out of the ground with these unique cake and cupcake supplies.   The first item is the bloody monster hand. These creepy hands will look just like zombies rising from the dead once inserted into your cupcakes.  Simply top the cupcakes with crushed cookies to look like dirt and the end result will look like the cupcakes featured above.  You can even add a tombstone cookie for a more ghoulish look.  Each set comes with 12 plastic picks measuring 2 3/4″.  You can place your cupcakes in zombie themed baking cups.  These baking liners will make a wonderful addition to your cupcake display.  Each order contains baking liners.

Zombie sugar decorations would look wonderful on your party cupcakes. The decorations include a brain, zombie and hand.

Edible cake toppers are another great idea for your celebration and there are many topper designs available.   Simply bake and frost your cake and/or cupcakes and apply the edible image.

Acrylic zombie cake toppers come in different styles including square, oval and star shaped.  Toppers are made of 100% food safe acrylic and feature vibrant artwork.

Some of the toppers include sayings such as:

  • Zombie Outbreak
  • Team Zombie
  • Zombie Rush
  • Happy Birthday
  • Beware Zombies

Paper cupcake toppers are very easy to make.  You can use zombie stickers to create your decorations.  Simply matte each image to cardstock and punch out using a 1 1/2″ or 2″ circle or scalloped punch.   Then attach a toothpick and insert into your frosted cupcakes.  Please visit my Cupcake Topper page for photos, instructions and supplies.

Bite-sized brain candies would look amazing on your gory party cupcakes.  I would suggest using pink candy melts to create your chocolate brains and then drizzle some raspberry sauce or dessert sauce on top.   There is nothing like eating a bloody brain off of your cupcake.   These candy molds are very simple to use.

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