Pink Zebra Party Supplies

pink zebra party

Pink Zebra Cake

The zebra print is so popular these days.   Therefore, a Pink Zebra party theme would be perfect for your celebration.  This funky party theme is great for girls of all ages and could be used for a Baby Shower, Graduation Party, Quinceaera Sweet 15, Wedding Theme, Bat Mitzvah, Bachelorette Party, Sweet Sixteen, 21st Birthday and 1st Birthday.  The party supplies featured on this page include personalized invitations, custom party favors, cake & cupcake supplies, balloons & decorations, party attire, partyware and more.

Start your party planning off by purchasing a personalized pink zebra invitation.  There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from and these invites can be customized with all of your party details and information.

There are many ways in which you can decorate for your celebration.  The first decoration are removable vinyl wall decals. The decal designs include hot pink, black and a zebra print. After the party, your daughter can decorate her bedroom with the decals.  There is also a large selection of party balloons. The balloons are available in both latex and mylar. There is even a large pink zebra balloon.  There is also a pretty vase that would make a great table centerpiece. Fill the vase with pink and black flowers to pull the theme together.

pink zebra party

Personalized Pink Zebra Invitation

There are many sellers that offer custom made pink zebra party favors. These pink zebra party favors can be personalized with a name, age and birthday party date. Some of the custom pink zebra party favors include chocolate candy wrappers, party favor tags, cookie pops, lip balm, water bottle labels and more. These pink zebra party favors would make a unique gift to hand out to all of the birthday party guests.  Place your party favors in a funky pink zebra favor bag or box.

You can add a personalized sticker to your party favor boxes or bags. These pink zebra favor stickers are available in so many fantastic designs and for many different celebrations. The pink zebra stickers can be customized with a name, age, date and other party information. You could attach the sticker directly to the favor bag or box. Another idea would be to matte the favor sticker onto cardstock, punch a hole on the top and create a party favor tag. Then attach to your favors using coordinating colored ribbon.  These pink zebra favor stickers come in round as well as a fun square shaped design.

Ribbon always makes a wonderful accent party favors, decorations, cupcake display and table décor.  There is a large selection of fun and funky pink zebra ribbon on the market that you could incorporate into your festivities including grosgrain ribbon and curling ribbon.

pink zebra party

Pink Zebra Cupcake Wrapper

Candy buffets are the latest party trend. They especially sweet for a Sweet Sixteen.  For your party, you could display an assortment of hot pink, black and white candies.   Some of the candy available include Hershey Kisses, M & M’s, Lollipops, Ribbon Candy, Hard Candy Sticks, Candy Crystal Sticks, Candy Hearts and more. Simply fill bowls and containers of different sizes with a mix of black, hot pink and white candy and display on your buffet.

Crafting with duct tape is the latest trend. There are so many fun and inexpensive projects you can now make with duct tape. For your Pink Zebra party, you can purchase Pink Zebra, Zebra, Hot Pink and Black duct tape. Some of the party projects you can create include: Flower Table Centerpieces & Decorations, Pennant Party Banners, Flower Pen Party Favors, Hair Bows and more. You can also use the zebra print duct tape to cover your cake or cupcake board. Combine a roll of duct tape with an endless imagination and the skies the limit!

The pink zebra cake and cupcake decorations include edible cake images, cupcake baking liners, decorative wrappers, candles and personalized cake toppers.


Pirate Theme Party Supplies

pirate party

Custom Pirate Party Invitations

Ahoy Matey! Time for a Pirate Party! This is a great party theme for boys and girls of all ages. You can do a general Pirate theme or a Pirates of the Caribbean birthday party theme.  You will find a large selection of personalized Pirate invitations on this page as well as unique party favors, decorations, balloons, cake & cupcake ideas and supplies, party games and activities plus much more. There are also five pirate theme party supplies featured here including Buried Treasure , Pirates Deluxe Party Supplies, Gold Tooth Pirate, Little Buccaneer and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Start your party planning off with a fun, custom birthday invitation like the one pictured here.  There is a large assortment of invitations you can choose from for your birthday party. These invitations feature pirate ships, pirates, treasure chests, treasure maps, skulls and more. The invitations are available for both boy and girls.

For your party cakes and cupcakes, you can chose from a large selection of pirate decorating supplies including:

  • Personalized Edible Cake Images
  • Pirate Ship Cake Pan
  • Fondant Pirate Cake Ideas
  • Pirate Cake & Cupcake Decorating Kits
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Cake Supplies
  • Pirate Cake Recipes & Instructions
  • Pirate Ship Cake Kit
  • Little Pirate Cake Pan
  • Pirate Cupcake Picks
  • Pirate Skull Cake Pan
pirate party

Pirate Cake Decorating Supplies

There are custom party favor stickers available to embellish your favor bags and/or boxes. The stickers are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Some of the designs include pirate ships, treasure chests, pirate boys and pirate girls.  Other pirate party supplies include:  rubber ducks, assorted pirate gems, 12″ treasure chest, pirate party invitation in a bottle, eye patches, coins, foam swords, goblets, cardboard pirate hat, coloring book favors, telescope and much more.

Decorate the part room with a festive pirate balloon.  Choose from a large selection of balloons such as imprinted latex, pirate ships, balloon bouquets and jumbo mylar balloons. Kids love piñatas.  The pirates piñatas feature pirate ships, treasure chests and skulls.

A delicious and easy to make party favor would be to hand out chocolate lollipops or treats in a pirate theme.  You can purchase a specialty candy mold and make your own.  Please visit my How To Mold Chocolate page for instructions and supplies.

There are many fun pirate party games and activities you can incorporate into your celebration such as,

  • Have a Treasure Hunt Walk the Plank to get some goodies!
  • Take off of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Draw a treasure map on poster board with an “X” on it. The children will try to pin their marker on the “X”
  • Treasure Chest Toss. Decorate a box with Pirate theme clip art and/or drawings or purchase a Treasure Chest. Have the children toss bean bags into the box
  • Panning for Gold. Spray some rocks with gold spray paint. Fill a small pool with water and sand. Add the gold rocks and have the children pan for gold
  • Pass the Pirate Hat (played like Hot Potato)
  • Peg Leg Race: Three legged races
pirate party

Personalized Pirate Party Favors

Doctor Who Party Supplies


Doctor Who Birthday Supplies

Doctor Who depicts the adventures of a time traveling alien known as the “Doctor” and Tardis his time-traveling space ship. The television show which first gained popularity in Britain is now an International success with a huge fan base of Whovians.  If you or someone you know is a big fan of this show, this page will help you throw an amazing Doctor Who party. Whether it is a birthday party or just a party to hang out with friends and watch the show, you are sure to find everything you need here.  Some of the supplies include officially licenses partyware, cake toppers, cupcake decorations, party favors and decorations.

You can find a large selection of custom Doctor Who invitationson Ebay. All of these unique party invites can be customized with all of your party information.  The invitations feature the Doctor, Tardis plus many British themed invites.

Officially Licensed Party SuppliesThere are so many wonderful party supplies on the market for your celebration. Some of the party items include:

  • Party Face Masks; Amy, Rory,11th Doctor, Cyberman and Dalek
  • 33″ and 22″ Dalek Foil Balloons
  • Plates, Cups, Napkins and Table Cover
  • Party Invitations
  • Joined Birthday Banner
  • Large Cardboard Cutout Decorations
doctor who cake

Custom Edible Cake Image

Jumbo Party DecorationsCardboard decorations are a very popular party item. Not only do they look wonderful in the party room, but you can also use them as amazing photo ops for all of the guests. Guests whether young or old will love taking a photo with their favorite character from the show.  These decorations are made from heavy duty cardboard and can be easily assembled. They are life-size and measure as tall as 73″.  Some of the cardboard characters include the Doctor, Tardis, Davros, Weeping Angel, Dalek Caan and Dalek Sec, Amy Pond, Rose Tyler, Silurians, Cyberman and K-9.

There are so many cool Doctor Who posters that you can incorporate into your party décor.  Some of the posters include Dalek, Van Gogh’s Exploding Tardis, Dalek Blue Prints, The Doctor Television Show Poster, Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Doctor Who, Keep Calm I’m The Doctor, Doctors Through Time, Tardis Taking Off and Door Posters.


Personalized Party Invitations

There are three unique piñatas for your celebration.  The first is the Dalek piñata pictured here. This piñata measures approximately 16″ tall and there is a pull-string attachment available upon request. The piñatas comes in blue or green.  The other piñatas include assorted colored bows ties that represent the Doctor’s classic fashion accessory.

Cake and Cupcake Supplies:  Edible cake images are an easy and wonderful way to decorate your party cakes and cupcakes.  These edible cake toppers come in a variety of sizes and designs and can be personalized with a name or special message.  The plastic Tardis cupcake toppers pictured here would make a great decoration for your party treats.  The toppers are sold in sets of 12 and can be kept as a special keepsake after the party. You can also send them home in the party favor bags. Simply bake and frost your cupcakes and then place the Tardis on top.  Another fun idea would be to make your party treats using a unique Tardis cake mold.


These mini Dalek cakes are made out of Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls . Stand one roll straight up and cut the other roll and place it at an angle next to the first roll. Frost and decorate with Twizzlers, pretzel sticks, M&Ms, and Rollos.


This cute Dalek cupcakes are decorated with Snackwells Devil’s Food cookies, Hershey’s Special Dark 60-calorie sticks, Golden Oreos with chocolate filling, chocolate chips, and MIke & Ikes.


Pull Apart Cakes and Cupcake Cakes


A pull apart cake, also known as a cupcake cake, is a cake which uses cupcakes as the base and is then frosted as one cake. Since these cakes are made out of cupcakes, they are made to “pull apart”. That is where they acquired their name. When it is time to serve the treats to the party guests, you simply start pulling the cake apart and handing out the individual cupcakes.

These cakes are the latest trend in decorating. While a relatively new technique, they are quickly becoming a popular design that can be served at just about any occasion. These cakes look terrific and are a wonderful option for someone who would like to serve cupcakes at their party, yet want the look of a finished cake.

This page will feature a wonderful selection of finished cakes made by talented cake artists. I will also be spotlighting specialty pans, decorating supplies, cupcake supplies as well as many tips on how you can make one  of these unique creations at your next party.


How To Make a Pull Apart Cake:

  • Bake your cupcakes in paper liners. Paper liners ‘lock’ together at the ridges which will help the cupcakes stay together better
  • Once cooled, place the cupcakes on the cake board you will be serving the finished cake on since the cake cannot be moved after it is decorated
  • Arrange the cupcakes in a round, square, rectangular, irregular or custom shape depending on the cake you want to create
  • You may want to consider spreading some buttercream or frosting on the cake board before arranging the cupcakes. This is to prevent the cupcakes from slipping as you frost them
  • When arranging the cupcakes into your desired pattern, make sure the gaps between the cupcakes are very small by pressing the cupcakes as close together as possible
  • Cut off the cupcake tops so that you have flat surface to frost
  • Then, frost your cupcakes together as one large cake as opposed to frosting them individually as you normally would with cupcakes
  • * Note: If you are creating a custom shape for your pull apart cake, you can 1.) use a template of the design as a guide when arranging your cupcake (this technique is demonstrated in the video above), or 2.) trace the pattern onto wax paper, place the paper onto the cake and poke light holes into the cupcakes around the paper pattern. Remove the wax paper and lightly draw the outline. Then, only frost the area within the pattern to create your shape.
  • Once frosted, finish off your pull apart cake with small candies, sprinkles, cake decorations, frosting decorations, floral designs, a fancy border, an edible cake image, custom design, frozen buttercream transfer, etc.

There is a Create and Celebrate line of products which features 12 individual cupcakes that can be decorated as one cake and then pulled apart to eat. Cake pans are made from FDA approved food grade silicone and have a quick-release permanent non-stick surface.  The pan designs in this line include Car, Truck, Flower Basket, Giant Cupcake, Butterfly, Turtle, Alligator, Bunny Rabbit, Heart, Christmas stocking, Christmas wreath, Cornucopia, Hershey’s Kiss, Penguin, Snowman, Gingerbread Boy and Halloween Pumpkin.

Nordic Ware also offers fun pull apart cake pans including Honeycomb and Cinnamon Bun.   These pans are constructed of heavy cast aluminum and feature a non-stick surface.

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