Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry Party Supplies

If your child is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry this would make a unique and fun birthday party theme for their next celebration!  There are so many great party supplies on the market including cups, napkins, decorations, edible cake toppers, wrapping paper and much more.

You can purchase a personalized invitation such as the one pictured here.  There are many styles and designs to choose from including ticket invites and invitations which include an image of the birthday child.  Other custom items include banner decorations, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, centerpieces, candy bar wrappers, cupcake wraps, treat bag toppers and handmade cookie favors.

Personalized Birthday Banner

Custom Cake and Cupcake Supplies

These are the Golden State Warriors cupcakes I made for my son’s 12th birthday.


70’s Disco Dance Ball Cakes and Cupcakes

My daughter decided to have a Disco Dance Party for her 11th birthday celebration. We played all the greatest 70’s disco music and the girls danced all night long. For the cupcakes, we created a Disco Ball Cupcake platter. Not only did it come out great, but my kids had a blast creating it. Although I supervised, they did a lot of the work themselves as you can see from the photos below. The party guests commented on how cool it was and we surprised e we made it ourselves. I will provide step-by-step instructions below on how we made our Disco Ball Cupcake Platter.

We purchased a large circular cake board for the platter. Using shiny black wrapping paper, we covered the board taping it on the bottom. The black wrapping paper coordinated nicely with the disco party theme.  Using a sharp knife, we cut a small slice off one side of the styrofoam ball. This enabled the ball to stand upright. We painted the ball using sliver glitter paint since there would be a small space in between the glass mirrors and we didn’t want the white styrofoam to be seen.

disco party supplies

Disco Ball Cupcake Platter Supplies

Once the ball was completely dry (overnight), we hot glued the tiles to the ball in a random pattern. Glass tile mosaics are available in a variety of sizes including: 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″. We used a combination of 1/2″ and 3/4″ tiles on our disco ball and ended up using about 200-300 tiles to cover it completely. The size of your glass mosaic tiles will determine how many tiles you will need to cover the 6″ ball. You may want to consider purchasing these glass tiles in bulk or leaving more space between the tiles to cut down on expenses.

disco party supplies

Making the Disco Ball

We baked 24 cupcakes in sliver foil liners. The silver liners coordinated wonderfully with the disco ball theme. We tinted vanilla icing blue, orange, pink and green to coordinate with the tableware we selected for the party.  I always use Wilton icing paste when tinting frosting. Once the cupcakes were cooled, we frosted them and topped each cupcake with a black musical note edible sugar decoration and silver sprinkles.  The cupcakes were placed on the platter around the disco ball arranging them by color.  We decorated the platter with glittering 70’s disco theme party confetti.

disco party

Decorating the Party Cupcakes


disco party

Disco Party Supplies and Favors

disco dance party

Custom Party Invitations, Favors and Supplies

Grumpy Cat Party Supplies

Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce, is an internet sensation best known for her permanently grumpy facial expression.  The popularity of Grumpy Cat has lead to a full line of merchandise including amazing birthday party supplies.  If you would like a fun and unique theme for your child’s next party, check out the awesomely grumpy party supplies featured on this page.

Start your party planning off by purchasing a custom invitation.  This invitation features a cartoon image of Grumpy Cat and it can be personalized with all of your birthday details and information.  Click here to view more invitation designs.  

To decorate the party room, there are many balloons on the market such as the wonderful balloon bouquet pictured here.  The balloons have fun sayings such as ‘Better with Age.  Nope’ and ‘A Little Birdie Told Me It’s Your Birthday.  I ate him.’

There is a large selection of  cake and cupcake supplies on the market you can incorporate into your celebration including edible cake images, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers and fondant cutters.

You can purchase cat themed toys for your favors and embellish the favor bags with licensed Grumpy Cat ribbon.

For a fun party activity, you can purchase a custom made pinata.

Grumpy Cat Party Supplies

Custom Party Decoration

Grumpy Cat Edible Cake Topper

Grumpy Cat Party

Birthday Postage Stamps

Grumpy Cat Party Supplies

Cat Themed Party Supplies

Skateboard Skater Boy Birthday Party

skateboard-partyWith the popularity of the Skate 3 video game going strong many boys are requesting a skateboard or skater boy theme birthday party.  If your child would like this theme for their next birthday party celebration you will find a large selection of party supplies featured here.

Start the party planning off by purchasing an awesome personalized invitation.  There are so many different designs to choose from including unique photo invites.

For your tableware, there are two great party packs.; Skate Party (pictured here) and Extreme Skateboard.  Both of these party supplies come with plates, cups and napkins.

The cake and cupcake decorations available for this theme includes edible cake images, cupcake toppers, cake kits and dessert decals.  There is also a specialty skateboard candy mold on the market that you can use to make your own sweet party favors.

The skateboard party favors include mini skateboards, key chains, erasers and more.  Seller also offer a large selection of custom favors such as water bottle labels, favor tags, popcorn boxes, candy  bar wrappers and lunch bags.